Before you vote tomorrow …

… remember a few things.

Remember the Winter of Discontent, the Three Day Week and the Miners’ Strike. Remember the Poll Tax, the banking failure and the inner city riots.

Remember that since the Second World War we have seesawed between two political forces who only have their own vested interests at heart – who shout and scream at each other like playground bullies – who mislead and dissemble purely to make us believe that they have a monopoly on truth and wisdom – that only THEY can deliver us from evil into the kingdom that runs with milk and honey. THEY will then throw all their promises out of the window and spend the next five years exercising absolute power.

Remember that, for sixty-five long and tortuous years, this model has NOT WORKED.

Remember that the two main parties will try to frighten you into believing that the sky will split asunder and rain blood unless there’s a decisive victory for THEM.

Tomorrow, I beg you, think for a moment and then vote tactically for a hung parliament.

Maybe only then will THEY stop lobbing brickbats at each other and start talking about the problems that WE need to be solved.