Are you still here?

Wasn’t the world supposed to end yesterday?

After his much publicised prediction that the last judgement was going to happen on 21 May (see here), Harold Camping has been somewhat more quietly saying that he got his numbers wrong and that the real date was 21 October.

To be fair Harold did say this time that that the end will come “very, very quietly”. Apparently God’s judgement and salvation were completed on May 21, Mr Camping said in a message explaining the mix-up in his biblical math. He said that Christ put the ‘unsaved’ into judgement on that date, but that it will not be physically seen until yesterday. He wrote on his website “Thus we can be sure that the whole world, with the exception of those who are presently saved (the elect), are under the judgement of God, and will be annihilated together with the whole physical world on October 21.”

Still waiting and still not holding my breath! But now it’s Saturday the 22nd, the sun is shining, there are birds squabbling in the kids’ playground at the end of the road and we still owe the bloody mortgage!