A war that can’t be won

Confirmation today, were it needed, that the lunacy that is UK drugs law continues.

An acquaintance has very recently been subjected to a “stop and search” which resulted in the confiscation of a miniscule amount of weed and a cannabis warning. Apparently it was the result of a tip off!

Hurrah and Huzzah! Our fabulous boys in blue crack another major drugs cartel, responsible for funding international terrorism.

Well, hardly!

The exercise has taken maybe a gram of green off the streets and identified a “user” who is not going to be daft enough to carry it in public again. And all at an estimated cost to the taxpayer of a couple of hundred quid.

Will it make the streets any safer? No.

Does it bump up the “crimes solved” figures and give the politicos something to crow about? That’s probably the one and only reason this time-wasting twattery still goes on!