Martin Shkreli

News from the other side of the pond that Martin Shkreli has pleaded the Fifth Amendment in a hearing before Congress. This is the man who bought the rights to a drug used to treat Toxoplasmosis in HIV patients and then jacked the price through the roof.

Yesterday he was called to account for what he’d done, but sat there and giggled and smirked his way through the hearing and then lambasted Congress on Twitter afterwards.

Those who know me personally able to attest to my very wide and extremely colourful vocabulary, but even I do not have enough swear words to provide an accurate description of this arrogant little c**t.

#KimDavis and her Pyrrhic Victory

Nauseating scenes today of christian nutjob Kim Davis being released form jail and wanting to “give god the glory”!

For what, love? You lost – resoundingly. You haven’t stopped the issuing of marriage licences and, indeed, you are prohibited from preventing it on pain of being sent back to prison.

However, what is more disturbing about this is that at least two of the men seeking to be President of the USA condone her unlawful behaviour in the name of religious freedom. What a horrible and dangerous precedent these right wing loonies would set.

IDS at it again

So that rancid arsehole Ian Duncan Smith denies that the faked benefit quotes were anything to do with him and that it was all the fault of officials.

What a piece of filth that man is, eh?

Whatever happened to Ministerial responsibility? I can’t remember the last time a Tory minister took the rap for a cock up in the department he was supposed to be running.

Oh, no, wait! Yes I can! It was Peter Carrington in 1982, FFS.

Becks throwded teddy in the corner

News today that Beckham has spat his own dummy out over criticism of giving his four year old one – a dummy that is, before you send Operation Yewtree round to Dun Goldenballsing!

“What”, he sulks “gives you the right to criticise?”

Sorry, pal, but here’s news for you  – it’s a right called free speech!

I don’t expect you, or that skeletal bag of sour-faced misery you call a wife, to understand the concept so best you go back to ringing your bell and pecking at your mirror.

Sewel or Sewer

So Lord Sewel has been caught sniffing cocaine with a couple of toms while wearing an orange bra. The establishment has gone potty!

Wouldn’t it be a gas if he strolled into their Lordships chamber after the recess and did a “Harper Valley PTA” on the old farts?


Iain Duncan Smith claimed £39 for breakfast.

Where I can afford to eat that buys at least SIX full cooked English.

This is the man who labels people on the bread line as “scroungers”.

Is he a complete arsehole or just another out of touch, posh, piss-taking wanker?

Fat Cats and Cream

News also this week that the average FTSE 100 CEO’s pay package has gone up by 15% in the last year.  This means that they each get something like £4.72 million pounds a year.  That’s approaching 400,000 smackers a month – ninety grand a week – the average UK worker’s annual salary EVERY TWO DAYS!

The poor dears. However would they have coped without such a massive rise.

The rest of us, meanwhile, get 1% – IF WE’RE LUCKY!

We’re all in this together? Looks like some have a different trough, Dave!

Shapps Craps

Tory Party Chair-Person Grant Shapps has been making merry today in the wake of Maria Miller’s much belated resignation for getting her hand stuck in the till.

He said: “Labour is making much of this today, but let’s face it they have MPs who have gone to jail – which is something that hasn’t happened on our side – for wrongdoing.”

Err, so since when were Tory peers not Members of Parliament? Or has Mr Craps forgotten My Lords Taylor and Hanningfield – jailed for noses in the trough.

And don’t think we’ve forgotten Sir Peter Viggers’s £1,645 duck house!

Or Messrs Jeffrey Archer and Jonathon Aitken – both jailed for perjury!

Sod off, Grant, you cheap tosser.

I do!

Today is the first day that marriage is legal in the UK for gay people.

I was watching the news coverage and was genuinely feeling real joy seeing such happy couples when suddenly there was this huge noise of fracturing as all the local heterosexual marriages suddenly disintegrated.

Actually, that last bit was a load of bollocks. The huge noise was me cracking a smile.

Arty-Farty Bollocks of the Year

I would like to nominate this from today’s Guardian:-

The art of Jackson Pollock is a modern mystery. How, from flinging paint on a canvas laid on the ground, did he create such beauty and inner structure? Like a solo by Charlie Parker or Jimi Hendrix, his freeform improvisations loop and lurch and yet achieve a profound unity. Pollock only held this together for a short period of brilliance. This painting is a cathedral of the mind.