Christine Pratt

… has well lived up to her family name.

For those that haven’t been following Bullygate *, she’s the dipstick that runs the National Bullying Helpline and who chose to chuck her nappy into the ring by claiming that civil servants from No. 10 had been snivelling down the phone to her.

First off – I simply don’t believe her and she knows that she’s in the position of pretty much being able to say what the heck she wants – it’s unlikely that the Courts would subpoena her records over this. In any event – working with politicians? The words “heat” and “kitchen” come to mind. Not that I condone bullying in the workplace, but the civil service does also have a rigorous code of conduct that doesn’t allow it.

Were the Pratt’s phone calls real? Or was she just after her 15 minutes of Warhole-esque fame? Only she can say for certain.

Two things are for sure. First is that she should not be entrusted with confidential information. Even revealing that such a call had been made is a breach of trust. The second is that it has backfired stupendously on her. Her garishly purple (and amateurishly “designed”) website has had to be modified today as she takes her entire list of former patrons off it.

At least the Pratt can congratulate herself on one thing – for once I agree with Anne Widdecombe!

* Why must our meejah always hark back to Nixon’s downfall? Come on, people, that was thirty-five years ago and the result of REAL investigative journalism!