Much Wringing of Hands

It’s very sad that we’ve had two highly disturbed loons go crazy with a gun in such a short space of time. Already the “pundits” have appeared again with the “we must learn from this” and “never again” quotes. Fair enough, let’s try! But let’s get something real and in proportion here.

Last night we watched a programme about Derrick Bird. In the last twenty minutes a well-meaning, but very deluded, woman was espousing the virtue of greater gun control. She made the valid observation that countries where guns are more freely available suffer these type of events more than those, like ours, where they are more controlled. Rather misses the point, though!

Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.

I’m sure I’m not alone in knowing someone who owns some impressive firepower. In my case I know several, including a very responsible gun owner. I know where he keeps them, what security they’re under and can take a decent guess about when he will be away from home!

The hand wringer also wants gun licences reviewed annually instead of five-yearly. “A lot can happen in five years to change that person.” she said. News for you there as well, my dear. A lot can happen in five MONTHS to change that person. Take that to it’s logical conclusion and we’d be checking every day – no, every ten minutes in case Mr Firepower comes home and finds his significant other in flagrente with a third party.

Missed point number three? Any seriously disturbed individual could challenge Derrick Bird’s body count with a 4×4 and a crowded bus queue.

Stricter gun control will NEVER prevent another Hungerford/Dunblane/Cumbria.

Ms Hand-Wringer says we should try. Give it a go, but you will fail.