Milking Milton

The Spanish philosopher Geroge Santayana once wrote “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

You would think that any reasonably sentient Tory politician would remember Thatcher the Snatcher and her infamous cost-cutting exercises when she was at MiniED. Not so La Milton, the tatty-haired MP for Guildford, who recently advised my GP to call me a fatty.

Her latest foray was to propose the scrapping of free school milk for under fives. Now, my recollection of free school milk, drunk by a straw from a third pint bottle that had stood in the corner of a hot classroom all morning, is pretty revolting, so some of the little ankle-biters might not be too upset.

However, I digress, and that’s not the point – which is that we have now had two fairly major wrong-footers from the Cuckfield-Cockupartist in as many weeks. At least Cameron has some appreciation of history and slapped her down as soon as he got wind of it.

The question is “Do we have another Edwina-Bloody-Currie on our hands”?