Let them eat cake

I was going to lay into Baron Young of Graffham with a vengeance, but at least he has done the moderately decent thing and slung his hook.

Never had it so good? Supermac, you aint, Dave, and you are WAY out of touch.

Some of us have never had it so bad – partner out of work, 76 people going for each vacancy, own job under threat, mortgage to pay, taxes about to rise and the square root of bog all help from the state? Never had it so damned bad, Dave.

Young is, however, just a product of his own party – out of touch with reality because they all come from the same privileged background where the right school tie opens doors. He is a disgrace.

More to the point is that you should judge the prime minister on the people he appoints to advise him. The boy David dumped the old David once his views became public, but I suspect that that was just a political knee-jerk once he saw how the proles were reacting. Every day that goes by shows more and more why you should NEVER EVER trust a Tory.