Ker-Pow – China in your tummy

It’s not often that I use this blog to sing praises. It’s more common that I’m using it to slag off some politico or god-botherer for their latest act of stupidity.

A pleasant change, then, to recount a more than pleasant experience.

The in-laws were over this way last night. They venture to this end of the county every now and then to see granny and buy us a curry. This time they fancied a Chinese and asked himself to find an “all you can eat”. The only one we could come up with was tucked down a backstreet in Reigate –  China House in Holmesdale Road in Reigate. Parking is a nightmare as it’s in a one-way street, right opposite the station, outside the town centre and a decent walk from the nearest public car park. But the effort is more than amply rewarded.

If I have any complaint it is that the ambience is a little bit lacking. It’s furnished rather like a slightly upmarket office canteen, but that is the only downside.

The single biggest asset to any restaurant is its chefs, and China House gets this absolutely spot on from the start. It is tempting to go into a paroxysm of allegory – “It exploded on the tastebuds like a symphony in flavour” – but Jilly Goulden I aint! Suffice to say that I like my food and I know what I likes and this was, possibly, the best Chinese meal I’ve ever had. I’m trying to recall a better one and currently failing.

You can select from the main menu, but I would strongly recommend the all you can eat version. Starters are nice and varied, the crispy duck was knockout and the vegetarian platter had tofu and a Chinese salad to die for! There’s a big selection of mains, served in our case with a small bucket of egg fried. Portions are small(ish), but this is an advantage. If you like something you can just order some more. If you don’t (and I couldn’t find anything that I didn’t) then wastage is minimal. The bill? Just under £15 a head with drinks and tip!)

Sunday night treat from now on!