Kavanagh’s a pratt

One could almost weep for Trevor Kavanagh! Where does he leave his brain and his moral compass when he opens his mouth and shoves his foot firmly in it?

Kavanagh has today complained about the way some “journalists” from The Sun have been treated following police raids on their homes.  He says that such intrusion into their lives is “out of proportion”.

This is quite staggering in its level of hypocrisy. This man works for The Sun, for crap’s sake – the lowest form of life in the media sewer. (And SHIT! Is there some shit down there!)

Just a couple of snippets:-

He said money sometimes changed hands while unearthing stories, and this had always been standard practice.” That may be true, but it doesn’t make it legal or moral.

The company would always consider the public interest first when a story was under consideration.” Fuck RIGHT off. They consider the profits and nothing else.

If/when the rat-pack end up back at their desks perhaps they will ponder on the experience and accept that it really isn’t very nice to have your skiddy undies paraded to the world.

At least the police are investigating suspected criminal activity – not muckraking or trawling  through dustbins to satisfy the prurient interests of knuckle-draggers.