Who said christians are all nice?

One of my Twitterati friends sent a link out earlier in the week. It was a video of TV evangelist Pat Robertson giving advice to a woman over whether she should go to her sister’s wedding. The sister is a lesbian. Watch the video here. Clicky.

Robertson displays the really nasty side of fundamentalist religious nutjobs. He takes a couple of bible quotes and advises poor Kathryn to a course of action that could cause serious damage to her relationship with her sister.

As an atheist I have attended bucket-loads of family events in church – weddings, baptisms and funerals – even though a sacrament is anathema to me. I still do and will continue to do so.

I don’t set foot in church because I believe in god. I go as a mark of respect to the family members involved. This is THEIR day – THEIR life event – THEIR way of celebrating it. I respect their choice, I stand as a witness, but I do not participate in any act of worship. They know my views on religion before they invite me, but to absent myself would be far more hurtful than to disagree with them.

Where, in Roberston’s crappy advice, is the love for others that pours out of Christ’s teachings? It seems to have just floated straight over his head.

Compassion, once again, lies slain on the altar of dogma.