And the prophet said “He will smite thee …”

Any regular reader of the Blogorama will have seen my previous outpourings on the subject of Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church.  In case you aren’t a regular or have been living under a stone for the last decade, they are the loons who claim that everything nasty in the world happens because America tolerates homosexuality.

It seems we have a more muted form of this disorder in the UK. Earlier today someone brought this little doozie to my attention. Clicky. This is the site of Christian Voice run by a man called Stephen Green and he really has got it in for Jack Cohen’s empire. Turns out that Tesco have given £30k to support London Gay Pride and it’s been divine retribution ever since.  In the midst of a recession, Christmas sales were down a mahoosive 2.3%, the share price has fallen, there have been moves in the boardroom and now a plague of mice. Well, not a plague, exactly, more like a nest.

Apparently “ Tesco’s only hope is to put their trust in God.  Repenting of the ‘Gay Pride’ decision will be part of that”.

It’s very easy for the religious to make such outlandish claims. Take any calamity, natural or man made, and whack a sticker on it that saying god did that because … enter your personal hatred here. No proof necessary – no evidence, no repeatability, no peer review – naddah.

Now, forgive me if I’m wrong, but we are talking about a supreme being here, aren’t we? The one who supposedly wiped out Sodom and Gomorrah, inflicted the ten plagues of Egypt and drowned everything that wasn’t rounded up by Noah?

If he was genuinely upset couldn’t he have come up with something a bit more harsh than a profits warning? Or maybe it’s all just in Stephen’s mind?