More Catholic nasties

I think I just get done with excoriating the Catholic Church for its offensive stupidity and then they go and do it again. This time it’s some little squit from the Scottish Catholic Media Office, Peter Kearney.

On Radio 5 this week he said “We would believe that same-sex relationships are profoundly harmful both physically, biologically, mentally, emotionally and I have to say spiritually to those involved. No society should facilitate or encourage anyone to enter into a same-sex relationship.”

The host of the show, Dominic Laurie, interrupted him to say that gay people might find that objectionable. (He was right!) Kearney continued “I would hope they wouldn’t find it any more objectionable than someone with an alcohol problem being told ‘You’re likely to reduce your life expectancy’.

Well, maybe they would, I don’t know. But the reality is that’s not my evidence, I haven’t made that up. That’s a matter of fact.

The behaviour involved [in] same-sex practice is profoundly hazardous and harmful to the well-being of those involved. Now society can turn a blind eye to that and say ‘Look, who cares? Let’s take a laissez-faire attitude and let them get on with it’ and generally speaking, in our self-obsessed have-it-all society, that is the attitude we take.

But the Church can’t take that attitude, we have to look at what’s best for the individual, whether it be someone who has an addiction to drugs, tranquilisers, alcohol, whatever, or same-sex behaviour and say ‘That’s not what’s best for you’.”

My initial reaction to this  ill-informed, insensitive, puerile tripe contained so many profanities that I would let myself put it on my own website.

How DARE they liken homosexuality to drug or alcohol addiction?

How DARE they say that my relationship is harmful?

How DARE they, with their history, seek to take the moral high ground?

This is a church that has waged war;

  • that has practised anti-Semitism;
  • that gave the world the terror of the Inquisition;
  • that didn’t ban the use of castrati until the last century;
  • that only got round to a categorical condemnation of slavery in 1965;
  • that actively spreads the lie, in pursuance of its own dogma, that the use of condoms increases the risk of contracting AIDS.
  • that has protected and shielded the rapists of children and has had to be dragged by the Court of Public Opinion, kicking and screaming all the way, to the point of a grudging apology. How many more years and blighted lives before all the puss is drained from that festering boil.

What is clear is that the Catholic Church has lost the argument on marriage equality and has now taken the gloves off. I would have more respect for them if they just came out of the closet and admitted openly that they don’t like gay people. At least that would be an honest stance.

The modern Catholic Church is a cess-pit of hypocrisy, spouting the stultified dogma of an oligarchy of celibate, geriatric cross-dressers still piqued that they were ousted from the governance of this country more than four centuries ago.