A Biased Election

I’m working myself up into a ferment of disgruntlement with the damned catholics again! Watch this space …

As a little taster, however, consider this:-

The catholic church is getting ready to select a new leader. This will be done by a conclave of celibate, rather elderly men in frocks – the princes of the church. Will this be a fair test of the will of the membership of that church?

No – and on two grounds.

First is that the catholic church’s leadership has for decades (probably centuries) shown itself to be completely divorced from its membership. You only have to look at how many catholic women take the pill to “regulate the menstrual cycle”! Catholics of the real world and catholics of the vatican are distinct and separate branches of evolution.

Secondly, the election will not be a numerically fair representation of the church. They estimate that there are 277 million catholics in Europe and 483 million in Latin America. Europe, however, has 62 cardinals while Latin America has a mere 19. Even in Europe the figures are biased as 21 cardinals are Italian.

Despite the fact that any baptised MAN may become pope, the senile boys club will no doubt elect one of its own bigoted reactionaries to wear the red slippers.

PS – Given the retiring pope’s views on homosexuality perhaps his last act should be to click them together three times. He’d be quite at home in Kansas with Fred.