Nora Al-Daher is a silly cow

Today’s poster girl for the Somebody Else’s Fault Syndrome that has screwed this country is this pathetic spoilt childling.

She it is who managed to piss two million quid up against a wall in the Ritz Casino and is now suing them claiming that they shouldn’t have let her do it. The poor things says that she’s a gambling addict and that the nasty Ritz Casino egged her on and shouldn’t have taken her money.

I wonder if there is anyone in this country who, hearing her story, is really going to weep for her. Two million smackers to most of us is a bigger house and a retirement bond, not an evening of cards.

I speak from experience of battling addiction. I’ve successfully beaten both alcoholism and ciggies. When I was curing my liver I deliberately stayed away from pubs and off-licences. Dealing with nicotine withdrawal I was quite calculating in not standing next to the tobacco counter in Tesco and waiting for the magic doors to open just to catch a glimpse of the forbidden fruit therein.

If this rich bitch had been serious about dealing with her supposed gambling addiction then what the holy screaming fuck was the stupid mare doing in a bloody casino. Besides which she is more than sufficiently minted that she could afford to have hired a professional nagger to remind her just how bastard stupid  she was being.

She doesn’t need sympathy from the Courts – she needs a bloody good slap!