Benyon’s Bent

News comes this week that Richard Benyon MP – net assets aprrox. £110 million – rents a constituency office from Sir John Madejski – net assets approx. £250 million. Sir John is a major donor to the Tory party.

What is there to comment about in this? Well, Bendon has been charging the “rent” of 8,000 smackers a year to his expenses. Sir John has returned this favour by funnelling some £97,500 into the Newbury branch of the Conservative party since 2005 when Bender was first elected.

Now, I don’t expect MPs to work pro bono, despite their claims of almost saintly altruism, but this must also be viewed in light of the nearly £120,000 a year that Bender is raking in from housing benefit from tenants in Berkshire. And that despite him blasting the something for nothing welfare state.

What a scumbag.