We’re on a roll this evening

Who’s next?

Ah, yes! Tinuola Adeyemi. “Who is she?” I hear you cry.

Tinuola is from Thamesmead and she has started a new branch of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) in, of all places, Sevenoaks. She held the inaugural service last Sunday.

Tinuola thinks that being gay is a choice.

‘I do believe homosexuality is a choice,’ she said.

‘With certain choices we create problems for ourselves and for others. Intelligent people listen to new information and can change their minds and beliefs – they can be persuaded. It’s entirely between the homosexual person and God – the Lord may want you to change certain things.’

Fascinating stuff – albeit that it’s complete bollocks. You can no more choose your sexuality than you can your skin colour. And I’d invite the preacher lady to try both before she comes out with such claptrap again.

Despite her extensive leafleting campaign, however, nobody turned up. It seems as if Sevenoaks – that hotbed of homosex and sink of sexual depravity – wasn’t ready to receive the Gospel according to Tinuola.

Well played, Kent!