More “christian” nasties

Tomorrow is my birthday – I’ll be fifty-six. As the years go by and I see more and more both of how nice and how dismally horrible the human race can be I think nothing can shock me anymore.

And then something like this comes along.

This is what I believe our American cousins call an intervention. It’s a recording made by a man named Daniel Ashley Pierce of a confrontation with his family. He is gay, they call themselves christian.

Granted this is in Georgia, slap bang in the middle of the bible belt, but it is still shocking that those who purport to hold true to the standards of Jesus Christ can so easily be so irrationally intolerant and downright fucking nasty to a family member on the basis of an innate characteristic about which their claimed saviour said the square root of fuck all.

Daniel was kicked out of home with nothing. He is currently being cared for by more tolerant relatives and his boyfriend.

But – all hail the internetz! A gofundme page was set up with the hope of raising $2,000 to help Daniel find somewhere to live. At the time of writing the total raised is nearly $63,000 – more than thirty times the target – and a fitting response to the hate his family has displayed.