The Charlie Hebdo attack

Dreadful news this evening from Paris. I was going to write about it, but my friend John Edun beat me to it in a succinct and forceful way. I know that he won’t mind my repeating his words here.

I’ve only just seen the news regarding the sickening, barbaric and cowardly attacks at the “Charlie Hebdo” offices in Paris.

This appalling attack on the right to satirise, to exercise free-speech and to hold a “different” view is abhorrent, vile and disgusting.

To those who committed this heinous act, you are nothing but murdering filth and lower than excrement.

Whatever you say or think, you do not represent any religion, ideal or cause – instead you symbolise that which is despicable and detestable in life.

You represent fascism, oppression and all that is foul and putrid.

You will never triumph in your twisted and evil plans.

To the good, decent, people of Paris and indeed France I send my love, support and sympathy…

Liberté Fraternité Égalité – Vive La France! xxx

Well said, that man.