The Tricolore Still Flies Proudly

This afternoon I sat down at my computer and scrolled through the news feed on Facebook. I was met with a stream of blue, white and red. So many of my friends showing horror at what has happened in Paris and solidarity for a city once again in mourning.

It is just a little over 40 years since I first saw at close quarters the effects of terrorism. I was privileged to meet several of the survivors of the IRA’s cowardly attack on the Caterham Arms.  On this side of the channel we had decades to get used to indiscriminate and cowardly attacks by extremists. We refused to allow it to change our lives. We still went to work, we still went out to the cinema or down the pub. In the end the “armed struggle” achieved nothing beyond robbing thousands of families of their loved ones and entrenching hatred.

Sadly, yet another bunch of the crazed and the self-obsessed fails to learn and understand an important lesson of history – terrorism doesn’t work – it cannot work if the target refuses to be terrorised.

To those who support or harbour these evil people – you will fail. No matter how many times you attack us we will not scurry away and hide. We will not give in to you.

To the people of Paris, once again nursing their wounded and burying their dead – we feel your pain. We weep with you. We stand by you.

Vive La France.