Same Old Snake Oil

This here referendum thingy is going on a bit too long for me. I made my mind up months (read years) ago about whether we should leave or not and I’ve already cast my vote.

The referendum was painted as the opportunity to have a proper debate about the issues. What we have, however, is the usual childish mud-slinging contest. The latest to chuck his rattle out of the pram is John Major with his charges of “deceitful and dishonest”. Well, and both Norma and Edwina will back me up on this, his honesty is definitely not without a fucking great big stain on it!

I despair!

We have an elected chamber that conducts much of its business at the level of a lower school playground. Our elections are carried out fortissimo as yah-sucks-boo shouting matches. I suppose it was too much to hope that, for once, we would be able to take a major decision with our politicians acting like sensible informed adults rather than participants in the early stages of Monty Python’s argument sketch. Sadly not! We are destined for yet more “we’re right, you’re wrong, ner-ner-ni-ner”-ism

Research places politicians as the least trusted of all occupations, below even estate agents and journalists. And rightly so – they are, as a breed, disingenuous and dissembling. They trade in false promises, unreliable predictions and vacuous soundbites. Apart from a handful of honourable exceptions they serve no purpose but their own. Believe me, I have seen them in operation close up. They are not pretty people and should not be trusted with the running of a sweet shop let alone a country.

It is, in part, the very fact that so many of these Music Men are still trying to sell me the idea of a marching band that has helped to convince me that it’s time to leave failed experiment that is the EU.