Sometimes My Country Makes Me Sick

Two really disgusting things happened yesterday.

The first and most obvious was the killing of Jo Cox MP.  This was clearly a senseless act of violence which is utterly repugnant to any civilised person. It should be roundly condemned and it was correct that Corbyn and Cameron put aside their differences at least briefly to show respect.

The second is more insidious, but just as vile. Almost before the poor woman was cold some sick individuals from the left and right of politics and both sides of the referendum debate were seizing on her death to make political capital out of it.

Two of the worst examples?

False flag conspiracy Brexiters who think Ms Cox’s murder was a put up job to make us all vote to remain, and rabid Bremainers who point out how offensive this is and then proceed to tar every one who wants to leave the EU with the same brush.

Sometimes this country just makes me want to puke.

PS – It is now looking increasingly likely that the murderer is a neo-Nazi nutcase.