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Merry Christmas!

I’m sitting here on Christmas Eve, Classic FM churning out carols, desperately trying to think of something original or thought-provoking to write – and failing miserably!

I could, of course, excoriate the numpty who currently calls himself Prime Minister for the nauseating slush he came out with today, but that’s a post on its own and I want to relish it! (Besides, next year is election year, and if you think I’m going to ignore a target THAT big … … …)

I could look back at Christmas posts past, but only two years ago I was writing about children being massacred in their school by a crazed gunman. Two years on and there’s the Peshawar attack, the only differences being in scale and that the killers were trying to make a political point.

I could recount some of the anti-social crap encountered over the last few days in the High Street as the country wallows in an orgy of short term consumerism. (Apart, that is, from the estimated 4,000,000 UK people who will spend Christmas Day alone!)

I could do any of those, but, to be totally honest, I really can’t be arsed.

Whatever you do tomorrow, have a great day!