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10 Cloverfield Lane

Watched this last night and I’m sorry to say that it didn’t even register on the scale of One to Meh.

What a colossal waste of opportunity. I was surprised to see that JJ Abrams produced this pap, because he is capable of much better.

This COULD have been a seriously good psycho-thriller, but it was thrown away by a rather lacklustre script and a piece of hopeless miscasting. (It’s almost impossible to take threats of being dunked into a barrel of acid very seriously when they’re being delivered in the voice of Sulley Sullivan. Someone like Ralph Fiennes would have played the part with much more menace.)

That aside, the script failed to take advantage of the situation and raise any serious level of angst – the only minor shock being when Sulley shoots Emmett, something, frankly, that I’d been wanting to do for half an hour!

And would it not have been more dramatic if there hadn’t been the woman or the dead pigs outside? That Michelle completely disbelieves the story, escapes and then has a single, but massive “Oh,Shit!” moment? Instead it dribbled away into nothingness as if the sequel has already been written.