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Oh, no they didn’t…

Forgive that, but Brexit is turning into a right pantomime

Fascinating to watch all those who claimed that Leavers were misled and didn’t know what they were voting for demanding a people’s vote on a 500 page document that 95% of the population won’t even read let alone be able to understand.

Virgin Update

I’d like to report that my mobile number has now been transferred to my shiny new network supplier and can be used on my shiny new phone.  The only downside is that the network tower that covers the house has developed a fault and I can’t use the bloody thing at home. At least EE has a coverage checker and an email facility that tells you what’s happening!


I’ve been away from this site for quite a time and haven’t posted anything since last December. Came back and find that some Chinese or Japanese shitbag had hacked it and sprayed crap everywhere.

Happily, a rebuild is not too difficult and long overdue.