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Patriotic Fervour

The last few weeks have given a small insight into just how nasty the forthcoming election campaign is going to be. Today comes the news that David Cameron is trolling off to Brighton to throw some red meat to the blue rinses.

Apparently he will say that it is his “patriotic duty” to oust Gordon Brown. I’m not going to grind a political point here, but I do wonder what went through the mind of Cameron’s speechwriter. Like the fly hitting the windscreen, it was probably his arse.

Given that the average age of the modern Tory activist very nearly qualifies for a telegram from Her Maj, surely someone in that hall this afternoon will be able to remind the lad about Samuel Johnson – “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”.

Christine Pratt

… has well lived up to her family name.

For those that haven’t been following Bullygate *, she’s the dipstick that runs the National Bullying Helpline and who chose to chuck her nappy into the ring by claiming that civil servants from No. 10 had been snivelling down the phone to her.

First off – I simply don’t believe her and she knows that she’s in the position of pretty much being able to say what the heck she wants – it’s unlikely that the Courts would subpoena her records over this. In any event – working with politicians? The words “heat” and “kitchen” come to mind. Not that I condone bullying in the workplace, but the civil service does also have a rigorous code of conduct that doesn’t allow it.

Were the Pratt’s phone calls real? Or was she just after her 15 minutes of Warhole-esque fame? Only she can say for certain.

Two things are for sure. First is that she should not be entrusted with confidential information. Even Continue reading Christine Pratt