Just Dizerts

So “Commander” Ali Dizai is back in jail again after his second trial for perverting the course of justice and misconduct in a public office.

Dizzy’s first conviction was overturned by the Court of Appeal when it came to light that the main prosecution witness, Waad al-Baghdadi, had a conviction for diddling money off nanny state. His credibility was, therefore, in question and My Lords Cocklecarrot couldn’t decide whether this would have affected the outcome of the original trial, so round we went again at huge public expense.

We might as well not have bothered as the end result has been exactly the same as Dizzy is once again kicking his heels in solitary. But, joy of joys, he says he’s going to appeal. One wonders what “new” evidence will be brought up this time. One wonders even more how much extra public money we’re going to have to waste on this toad.

(A small digression – I’ve seen Dizzy’s internet home and, frankly, I wouldn’t have paid for the damned thing either. It’s “my first website” writ hideous large, complete with larey graphics and some truly awful English. But that hasn’t stopped Dizzy using it to trash al-Baghdadi.)

The public have a right to expect the highest moral standards of those it employs – nowhere more so than in the police, and nowhere more so in the police than in the upper ranks. Unfortunately, this is a man driven by ego – unable to accept that he has done wrong or to contemplate that the wheels have come off his comfortable lifestyle.