Scams, Claims and Compensation Games

Earlier in the week we watched a Channel 4 documentary. Yes, I know that’s very Guardian-reader, but it raised some serious issues – in short that Elfansafety has long ago gotten out of control and that this is, in part, driven by unscrupulous no-win-no-fee lawyers.

Hardly a week will pass without the Mail or Express, in their impeccably imbalanced way, screaming to the rooftops about some loony local Council banning egg and spoon races or some such earth shattering trivia. But you have to ask how much of that is driven by the threat of litigation.

A case in point in the documentary showed a Council officer surveying a primary school playing field Continue reading Scams, Claims and Compensation Games


There is a distinct advantage to having a husband who is not gainfully employed that goes some way to offsetting the loss of income.

Alex has rediscovered the kitchen!

Tonight it was quorn tikka (he’s the veggie, not me – I just go along ‘cos it’s easier). Served on a bed of onions with a side salad, it was, simply, absolutely bloody delicious.

Smoochies, Masterchef! πŸ™‚

Christine Pratt

… has well lived up to her family name.

For those that haven’t been following Bullygate *, she’s the dipstick that runs the National Bullying Helpline and who chose to chuck her nappy into the ring by claiming that civil servants from No. 10 had been snivelling down the phone to her.

First off – I simply don’t believe her and she knows that she’s in the position of pretty much being able to say what the heck she wants – it’s unlikely that the Courts would subpoena her records over this. In any event – working with politicians? The words “heat” and “kitchen” come to mind. Not that I condone bullying in the workplace, but the civil service does also have a rigorous code of conduct that doesn’t allow it.

Were the Pratt’s phone calls real? Or was she just after her 15 minutes of Warhole-esque fame? Only she can say for certain.

Two things are for sure. First is that she should not be entrusted with confidential information. Even Continue reading Christine Pratt

Gettin used to Bloggin …

Day (whatever it is, enter number of your choice here ” … “) in the Blogosphere and I’ve been searching for a layout and trying to get my head round using WordPress.

If only I didn’t have to hold down a full time job … that, and having to rush up to little-big-sister’s house because her pootah contracted a nasty virus – I’ve warned her SO many times about those midget goat porn sites !! πŸ˜‰

I’m going to muck about with this theme a bit, but I like it because it’s nice and plain – or boring, like me!

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